Jekyll and Hyde

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  • Jekyll and Hyde.
    • Characters.
      • Main Characters
        • Dr Jekyll- Scientist and Creator of Hyde.
        • Mr Hyde- Villainous Alter-Ego of Jekyll.
      • Significant Characters
        • Dr Lanyon- Scientist and old friend of Jekyll and Utterson.
        • Mr Utterson- Lawyer and acquaintance of Enfield, Lanyon and Jekyll.
      • Insignificant Characters
        • Mr Enfield- Cousin and close friend of Utterson.
        • Mr Poole
        • Sir Carew- Murdered by Hyde.
    • Themes.
      • The duality of human nature.
      • Reputation, secrecy and repression.
      • Innocence and violence.
      • Bachelorhood and friendship.
    • Context
      • Religion.
        • Religious allusions
          • 'Really like Satan'.
          • 'That human Juggernaut'.
          • 'If I ever read Satan's Signature upon a face, it is on that of your new friend'.
          • 'I incline to Cain's heresy'.
      • The Psyche and Sigmund Freid.
      • Gothic.
      • Scotland, England and Victorian Britain.


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