industrial revolution impact

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  • Industrial revolution impact
    • what happened first half of the 19th century
      • the effects were mainly negative
      • lose of space for traditional games and mob games
      • lack of measure time
        • 12 hour days, 6 days a week
          • Sunday= rest day
      • little spare income
      • poor working and living conditions
        • poor health
        • lack of hygiene
      • lack of public provisions
    • what happened second half of the 19th century
      • better living conditions
        • health and hygiene improved
        • less spread of disease
      • local council provisions
        • public baths
      • more energy and more willing to participate in sport
      • gradual wage increases
      • half days on Saturday
        • more time to participate in sport
    • impact on sport
      • acceptable
      • respectable
      • increased moral code
      • stricter rules
      • leagues and competitions established
      • council links meant public parks available
      • more time off and broken time payments
    • influence of public school boys
      • athleticism values spread to lower class
    • industrial patronage
      • factory owners became patrons of sport
        • supporting the worker to participate
        • increasing provisions for recreation and sport
        • work teams were set up with facility and excursions
    • urbanisation
      • society became more civilised so violent games banned
      • purpose built facilities
      • Bette working conditions
      • higher attendance at sports
    • transport revolution
      • steam trains and railways
        • more participation/spectators
      • faster trains
      • national leagues and cup competitions
      • filed sport more accessible
    • development of the middle class
      • improved and supported an increase in sporting provisions
      • codification
      • competition development
      • developed public facilities
      • more leisure time
    • British empire
      • sport helped bind people together as an empire
      • spread sport around the world
  • looked for work in new factories
    • moved from seasonal work to 'machine time'


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