Important I'm the King of the Caslte quotes

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  • I'm The King of the Castle Important Quotes
    • Kingshaw
      • Kingshaw and Edmunds
        • 'F**k to you'
        • 'He feared Hooper more than anything in the world'
        • 'I hate him, I hate him, I hate him.'
        • There will always be Hooper, now, for ever and always... He began to weep,'
      • Kingshaw and his mother
        • 'He wanted to go to his mother...but he never did go.'
        • 'He knew he ought to care about his mother, but he did not care.'
        • 'There seemed no point at all in trying to talk to her.'
      • Kingshaw's feelings
        • 'He liked being alone, because he was used to it.'
        • 'He was afraid all the time.'
        • 'People are no good. People can never help me.'
    • Edmund
      • Edmund's feelings
        • 'It's my house... it is private, I got here first.'
        • 'I did that, it was because of me, and a spurt of triumph went through him.'
      • Edmund and Kingshaw
        • 'You do what I say.'
        • 'Something will happen to you Kingshaw.'
        • 'Hooper wanted to know what was going on inside his head.'
      • Edmund and Mr Hooper
        • 'He'd buy me anything I wanted.'
        • 'there does not seem to be anything strange about him, as there has always been with Kingshaw.'
        • 'He is like his mother, thought Joseph Hooper. He has the same wat of not bothering to explain'
    • Mrs Kingshaw
      • Mrs Kingshaw and Joseph Hooper
        • 'She enjoyed being treated in that way by Mr Hooper.'
        • 'You should be very polite to Mr Hooper.'
      • Mrs Kingshaw and Charles.
        • 'You're all I have left.'
        • 'All the blame lies on him.'
        • Anxious that Kingshaw should like it here, very soon feel at home.'
      • Mrs Kingshaw's feelings
        • Excited as a girl,'
        • I must think of myself a little more.'
        • Everything is turning out for the best.'
    • Mr Hooper
      • Mr Hooper's feelings
        • 'He is very uncertain of himself.'
        • 'He knew himself to be an ineffectual man, without any strength or imposing qualities.'
        • 'I am not a man to do things by halves.'
      • Mr Hooper and Mrs Kingshaw
        • 'Pleased at her enthusiasm'
        • 'He felt more than ever satisfied with Mrs Helena Kingshaw.'
        • I cannot think how I'd have managed it without you.'
      • Mr Hooper and Charles
        • 'We are becoming very good friends.'
        • 'Kingshaw was obscurely comforted by the long, thin, man's arms'
        • 'You need not fear that Charles will be at a disadvantage in this house.'
      • Mr Hooper and Edmund
        • 'An intruder, a stranger in his son's room.'
        • 'He looked away from his son's gaze, irritated.'


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