The Tempest CIE Literature IGCSE

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  • Illusion of Justice in the Tempest
    • Prospero forgives his enemies and surrenders his magic. At the end, he no longer has any role to play, post-play.
    • Prospero has an extremely one-sided sense of justice
      • The play offers no other point of view
        • Therefore, the play becomes MORALLY AMBIGUOUS
      • As the play develops, Prospero convinces the audience that his story is fully truthful
    • Prospero is hypocritical
      • He sees himself as a victim of injustices, but has no qualms about enslaving Ariel and Caliban in order to achieve his goals.
    • UNJUST ACT: Antonio's usurpation of Prospero's dukedom
    • Justice in the Tempest is highly subjective


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