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  • What influenced the political landscape?
    • The First Red Scare, 1919 - 1920
      • 1905 to 1017, Russia went through a series of revolutions.
        • The monarchy was toppled and replaced by a communist gov.
      • During WW1 workers in the USA had not gone on strike over wages, hours or working conditions, when post-war conditions didn't improve, they went on strike
        • The Communist party of America was founded and anarchists distributed pamphlets in many cities, urging a revolution.
      • 1919 saw more than 3,600 strikes, with one in four workers on strike.
        • On January the 21st 1919 35,000 shipyard workers went on strike in Seattle
          • On February 6th, this escalated to a general strike of 60,000 people.
            • Police and strikers did not clash, but rumours of a communist revolution spread, the strikes became national news.
  • This made people in the Capitalist USA concerned, especially when workers went on strike in large numbers.


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