Historical Determinants of the USA

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  • Historical Determinants of the USA
    • Considered to be a young culture due to colonial history being only a little more than 200 years old
    • The USA has a history of Frontierism
      • Fronterism was the western expansion into countries that were often hostile
    • The USA adopted a policy of Isolation and as a result they developed their own sports to suit their culture
      • Traditional English sports were rejected
      • Cricket was marginalized because it was very slow moving and did not reflect the modern culture of the USA
    • Ivy League Universities had the biggest impact on sport
      • The Ivy leagues along with american society pormoted the win ethic, later termed lombardianism
      • The ethos represented the 'Cult of Manliness' that kept the spirit of Fronterism
    • Commercialism for sport was adopted in the early 20th Century


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