Henry VII- Key people

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  • Henry VII- Key people in his reign
    • John a Chambre
      • The leader of the Yorkshire rebellion, hanged for treason
    • Richard Simmonds
      • Tutored Lambert Simnel into how to act as a Yorkist prince
    • Lambert Simnel
      • A pretender to the throne of England. His claim to be earl of Warwick in 1487 threatened the king. Figure head of Yorkist rebellion. Was pardoned and employed in royal kitchens as a servant
    • Edward Plantagenet- Earl of Warwick
      • Son of george, Duke of Clarence (Brother of Edward VI). Was the leading Yorkist claimant to the throne
    • John de la Pole- Earl of Lincoln
      • Son of Richard IIIs sister and nominated by Richard III as heir. When Richard III died he was reconciled with the new tudor regime but 2 years later he organised the Yorkist rebellion.
      • He sought to place Lambert Simnel on the throne, claiming that he was his cousin (Earl of Warwick). Killed at battle of Stoke in 1487
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    • Francis Viscount Lovell
      • Friend and Chamberlain to Richard III, organised revolt in Yorkshire and disappeared after the battle of Stoke (1487)
    • Edmund de la Pole- Earl of Suffolk
      • Became the leading Yorkist claimant to the throne after his brother died.
      • In 1501 he fled England and sought the help of Maximilian I, HRE
      • !502- Maximillian agreed to a treaty not to back de la pole should he make an attempt on the throne of Engalnd
      • 1506- Maximilian son, Philip of Burgundy was blown off course whilst sailing and became a guest of Henry VII,needing to set sail again in order to claim his wife's inheritance, Henry persuaded him to hand over the Earl of Suffolk
      • Henry VIII had Suffolk executed in 1513
    • Martin Schwarz
      • A German mercenary who died at the Battle of Stoke field when fighting for Lambert Simnel
    • Margaret, Duchess of Burgundy
      • Daughter of Richard of York and sister to Edward IV and Richard III
    • Perkin Warbeck
      • Claimed to be Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York and son of Edward VI, significant threat and gained support outside of England. Henry VII declared him as an imposter
    • Humphrey and Thomas Stafford
      • English nobleman who took part in the war of the Roses on the Yorkist side. Joined by Francis Lovell. Henry ordered the execution of one brother but pardoned the younger.


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