Hazard and Risk

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  • Hazard and Risk
    • Hazard
      • The likelihood of potential harm to an individual or others
    • Risk
      • The likelihood of potential harm from a potential hazard
        • The extent of the risk is the likelihood of the accident happening, the severity of the harm and who the risk is to
    • Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)
      • A set of Principles providing a framework for:
        • Planning
        • Performing
        • Monitoring
        • Recording
        • Reporting
        • Archiving
      • These are not standards or regulations
    • Symbols
      • Explosive
        • Looks like an explosion happening
      • Flammable
        • Flames
      • Oxidizing
        • An "O" with flames
      • Compressed Gas
        • A glass bottle
      • Corrosive
        • A surface and a hand getting chemicals poured on them
      • Toxic
        • skull and bones
      • Irritant
        • Exclamation mark
      • Environment- ally damaging
        • fish and a tree
      • Health Hazard
        • a body outline with a white start in the middle


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