Golden Years of Weimar Government

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  • Golden Years of Weimar Government (1924-29)
    • Chancellor Stressman/ Foreign Policy
      • Aimed to restore Germany's economic and sort out Germany's international weakness
        • Called off passive resistance in the Ruhr
          • Locarno Pact (1925) - stabilized Germany's relations with France, agreeing to a border between the two countries
          • HOWEVER. Doesn't represent s a change in France attitude, no political withdraw
        • Dawes Plan (1924)
          • Reduced Germany's reparation payments to 1 million gold marks over 1924-1929
          • Germany receive loans from america to help German Economy
          • HOWEVER. Lack support from the Riechstag who did not want to pay the reparations at all
        • Created new Currency 'The Rentenmark' tied to industrial and agriculture
        • HOWEVER. Treaty and 'Stab in the back' myth contiuned to undermine the Weimar
    • Politics
      • (1928) - 76 per cent supported pro-weimar Government. Support for Nazi's low (2.6 per cent)
        • HOWEVER. Support for extremist reduced but was high with a quarter of people voting for parties (KPD, German People obtained 10.6 per cent in 1928)
      • Hindenburg chose a SPD Chancellor in spite of his hostility to Socialism
        • HOWEVER. Hostile to the idea of working with SPD before 1928.
    • Economics
      • More money available for growth in industry and agriculture
        • HOWEVER. No growth in Agriculture; recession from 1927
      • Inflation remained low and Loans from the USA (mainly) aided to infrastructure of Germany (25.5 billion marks loaned between 1924 to 1930)
        • HOWEVER. Germany heavily reliant upon USA, leaving Gemany vulnerable to Us problems.
      • Unemployment remained considerably high; 3 million out of work in 1929.
      • German economy behind Britain and France




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