global warming and climate change


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  • global warming and climate change
    • upsetting the greenhouse effect has led to global warming
    • global temperatures have rose since we have started burning fossil fuels
    • scientific consensus that humans cause global warming
    • global warming is a type of climate change
    • climate change causes changing weather patterns
    • computer models are used to understand climate change
    • conditions of the atmosphere, oceans and on land all affect eachother
    • climate models are equations that can be used to mimic the real climate
    • data is needed for computer odes such as the ocean's surface temperature in different places
    • the speed and direction of the ocean currents can be worked out from this data
    • the speed and direction of the currents can be used to work out air temperatures around the world
    • earth's climate varies naturally
    • climate models can explain why the climate is changing now
    • consequences of global warming could be serious
    • as the sea gets warmer it expand which makes the sea level rise
    • places on low lying land will be flooded if sea levels rise
    • high temperatures makes ice melt
    • changing climate can affect food production
    • storms and floods can be caused


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