genre expectations + subversion (unfinished)

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  • genre
    • generic codes + conventions help producers to shape their product + help audience understand what is being conveyed + how they should react to it
    • examples of codes + conventions
      • codes (roles so audience can assign a common meaning)
        • symbolic (an actor suggests a character's feelings)
          • both (music = technical addition that suggests a mood)
        • technical (camera angel, lighting)
          • both (music = technical addition that suggests a mood)
      • conventions (meanings copied from codes, common to particular genre)
        • setting (historical period, geographic location, domestic/ public space)
        • characteristics (professional, moral, psychological or social status; stereotypes)
        • props + objects (costumes; items used by actors; background objects)
        • structure + plot (narrative structure; storytelling method; expected ending)
    • audience expectations + subversion
      • audience expect certain codes + conventions (e.g TV quiz show likely to have 2 teams, host, scores, live audience). product may be choose because of these codes + conventions, knowing issues that drive narrative will be resolves.
        • but genes don't conform to all conventions + most media will cross genre boundaries to keep audience interested
          • cultural + economical shifts change genres over time. e.g. racism in comedy is no longer acceptable
            • genres help us see media aren't reflections of reality, but are constructed to comply with - or challenge - codes and conventions.
    • challenging genres
      • parody (humorous deception genre)
        • e.g  Scary Movie, Austin Powers
      • pastiche (an artistic work that imitates another - copy of genre, blurring genre's used yo compliment creators, unlike parodies)
        • e.g stranger things = pastiche of iconic 80s sci-fi films. the scene at the end of the 1st ep. where the boys find El in the woods is almost identical to the scene in E.T where Elliot discovers E.T in a cornfield. The netflix poster for stranger things also resembles Star Wars. overall it draws people in with nostalgia.
        • Quentin Tarantino's films are often pastiche's of their respected genre. always take inspiration from other films. he references and mimics scenes from lots of different movies to create a unique one. E.g Reservoir Dogs steals the the mexican stand off from City On Fire, and they stole it from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
        • music - uses samples from past music to create new.
        • Michael Jackson's "Thriller" is a mini horror movie. mimics other videos + filmmaking style.
      • subversion (expectations not met)
        • e.g handsome Prince = villain in Frozen
        • The Promised Neverlands starts happy-go-lucky then turns into physiological horror
      • hybrid/ cross genre (mix of several genres)
      • subgenre
        • e.g comedy horror - Shaun of the Dead
        • isekai is a fantasy subgenre of anime. e.g SAO. The Rising of the Shield Hero.


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