French listening

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  • French listening
    • Useful practice material
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    • technique
      • Listening to any French will also help attune your ear, even if you don't understand everything, for instance French radio (on MW or LW, or on the internet), French-speaking channels on satellite TV, or videos of French-speaking films.
      • Practise not writing when the tape is playing, because it is hard to write and listen at the same time. Learn to trust your short term memory!
      • If you are entered for higher tier, make sure you have the opportunity to listen to longer passages. These often require you to understand the feelings, opinions and attitudes of the speakers.
      • Build up your personal vocabulary by learning a small number of new words every day.Untitled
    • Useful vocab
      • opinions
      • reasons
      • known words
      • work out the words either side of the unknown ones
    • Common topics
      • The environment
      • A typical day
      • Telephone messages
      • Holidays
      • Getting around
      • Employment


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