England's Conversion to Protestantism 1547-1553

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  • Conversion to Protestantism 1547-1553
    • 1547 - only 20% of people in London were protestant.
    • Edward VI
      • Many from the Regency council supported reform.
      • Involved in the writing of the Second Book of Common Prayer 1552.
      • Educated as a Protestant.
    • Somerset
      • The leader of the reformist party.
      • Invited religious radicals e.g. Hooper & Ridley into his house
      • Tried to please all factions, as shown through the fudge of the First Book of Common Prayer 1549.
      • A 'confused and chaotic' religious policy.
    • Northumber-land
      • aims: a) build on Somerset's reforms. b) gain control of the church's wealth.
      • influenced by spread of radical ideas in England.
        • Specifically radical reformers e.g. Zwingli.
      • Supported Cranmer's move in a more radical direction.
        • Shown through the Second Book of Common Prayer 1552.
    • Archbishop Cranmer
      • Drafter radical 42 Artricles and Second Prayer Book.
      • Always recognised Monarch as head of Church and importance of Royal Supremacy.


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