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  • Feminism
    • Summary
      • Unlike other ideologies it is very limited in its objectives
      • There has been no conventional party based on the movement
      • Many argue that we have reached a 'post-feminist' era suggesting that the main elements have been achieved
      • All feminists share the view that society is patriarchal and that women need to engage the struggle against it
      • Women over 30 got the vote in 1918, and equal to men in 1928
    • Liberal Feminism
      • Feminist movement known as the 'first wave'
      • Did not propose revolutionary transformation of society but rather reforms within
      • The fundamental structures do not need changing significantly
      • Some aspects of life do not concern the state, public matters do, but private don't
        • For example is an employee discriminate women it is a public matter
      • Philosophically rooted in the principle of individualism
      • Seeking equality of opportunity for women and when law is equal aims are achieved
    • Radical Feminism
      • Can be seen as the second wave of feminism during the 60s and 70s
      • Crucial development was the publication of 'The Feminine Mystique' by Betty Friedan in 1963
        • "If divorce increases by 1000%, don't blame the women's movement, blame the obsolete sex roles on which our marriages were based"
      • Key figures:- Kate Millet and Andrea Dworkin in the USA, Germaine Greer in UK
      • Revolutionary,the structures in society need changing
      • Smash patriarchy
      • Adopt marxist perspective but the class being of sexes
      • Men dominate women in law and physically with the fear of violence and ****
      • At its most radical peak, some feminists propose separatism
    • Marxist/socialist Feminism
      • Believe that the oppression of women is economically based
      • Women are used and abused for cheap labour
      • Capitalism relies on exploitation of women so to achieve equality, destruction of capitalism is needed
      • Patriarchy is still an issue and women should stand up
    • Third-wave Feminism
      • Reaction and response agains second-wave feminism
      • Adopt a rational appraoch
      • Notice that much has been achieved but more still needs to be done radically
      • Women still need more rights


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This mind map provides a clear overview of connecting strands and will be useful to those students looking for a concise introduction before aiming to develop their own lines of argument. It is vital that such organised thinking includes examples and/or case studies in order to gain credit for AO2 (analysis and evaluation).



Old Sir is a dic ed don't listen to him



its beautifully well explained for lay person

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