Feminism is defined by the belief that 'the personal is the political'. Discuss

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  • Feminism is defined by the belief that 'the personal is the political'. Discuss
    • Radical
      • Patriarchy, dominance of men lie in structures of family and domestic life
      • Conditioning to make children conform to particular gender identities and stereotypes takes place in family
      • Germaine Greer, this has 'castrated women' led them to being conditioned to passive sexual role
      • Brownmiller 'ideology of ****' that keeps women in state of fear which all men benefit from
      • Nature of politics should be redefined
        • Power structures of male domination in society reflect those in personal life
      • Patriarchy must be overthrown by sexual revolution
    • Socialist
      • Reserve army of labour
        • Women often vital to the economy but also not recognised for it
      • Patriarchy rooted in social and economic structure, p and capitalism interlocking systems of oppression
      • Institution of family, women stays at home with domestic duties whilst man goes out to work
        • Men celebrated as 'breadwinners' and spared the 'trivial' nature of domestic life
      • Engels 'bourgeois family' and idea of private property
        • Goes to sons entrenching specific gender identities
    • Liberal
      • Personal sphere realm of freedom and personal autonomy
        • Shaped by natural not political forces
          • Women have natural inclination towards domestic life
        • Protects indv from state control
      • Focus on legal and formal equality in the public sphere, same opps
        • Right to vote, education, J.S. Mill, Wollstonecraft (they are human beings'
    • Post Feminists
      • Need to redefine what 'womanhood' is


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