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  • Feminism Strands
    • First Wave
      • 17th and 18th century
      • Mary Wollstonecraft - Vindication of the Rights of Women
        • Argued that women were rational beings and capable of self-determination and deserving of liberty, rights and education.
      • J.S.Mill and Harriet Taylor - Subjection of Women
      • Achievements
        • Married Women's Property Act 1870
        • The right to vote 1928
    • Second Wave
      • Economic, political, legal and social inequalities.
      • Betty Friedman - The Feminist Mystique
    • Socialist Feminism
      • Marxist economic theory
        • Women's liberation will be the by product of economic and social revolution.
      • Friedrich Engles -The Origins of the Family, Private Property and the State
      • Reject Liberal feminism reformist approach.
        • Sexual divisions within capitalism  due to the operation of the economy.
      • Orthodox nuclear family is an economic unit bound up with male ownership and inheritance of private property.
        • Contract between male breadwinner and the housewife of economic maintained in return for sexual services.
          • No legal concept of **** within marriage.
      • Women are a 'reserve army of labour' in expansion such as war.
    • Radical Feminism
      • 1950's
        • Argue that gender divisions are the most important over all other social cleavages including race and class.
    • Difference Feminism
      • Adrongyny
        • Biological sex is irrelevant to people's social and cultural roles.
      • Essentialist
        • Argues there are essential differences between men and women.
          • They believe that biology is destined and should shape social and cultural roles.
            • Men are naturally aggressive and competitive.
            • Women are naturally caring, nurturing and empathetic.
        • Lesbian separatism.
          • Women should not seek equality with men and celebrate the female traits.
    • Feminism
      • Public-private split
        • Radical feminists
      • Reformist or revolutionary
      • Post feminists
      • Anti-feminist
        • Traditional conservatives and fascists
        • Gender hierarchy is natural, functional, inevitable and desirable.


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