Feminism core themes LCW

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  • Unequal distribution of rights and entitlement in society. Highlights under-representation of women in public sphere.
    • Liberal
      • Strands
        • Socialist
          • Economic aspects of patriarchy. \capitalism, gender subordination and class inequality interlinked system of oppression.
            • Some reject patriarchy - gender inequality consequences of class system
        • Radical
          • Systematic, institutionalised, pervasive form of male power rooted in the family.
            • Pattern of male domination and female subordination reflection of power structures in domestic life.
  • Liberal
    • Championed legal/ political equality - equal rights and access to the public realm.
    • Strands
      • Radical
        • Equality in family and personal life.
      • Difference Feminist
  • Adopt aggressive, competitive male characteristics
    • 'To want to be equal to equal to a man implies women are male identified'
      • Difference Feminist
    • Liberation- fulfilment as a women - 'female identified'.
      • Sisterhood- Cultural feminism
    • 'Pro-woman' - women are different at a psycho-biological level.


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