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  • Fancy -GE
    • Wemmick- has a world outside of sordid London
      • compartment-alises life
        • keeps him happy and above all human
    • Wemmick 'NewGate cobwebs'
      • suggest disuse and darkness- murky
        • fancy-chapter 47- Mr Wopsle- has Great Expectations-changes his name
          • Chapter 47- the play in novel "This led to Mr Wopsle's" post Nelson world it appeals to everybody's loyalties- is low class entertainment
            • Dickens had an amateur theatre group- tried to write his own plays- understands how theatre works
              • Second piece in play within novel- escapism and "fancy" in a sense
                • Mr Wopsle saw Compeyson behind Pip when he was performing
                  • "I had a ridiculous fancy that he must be with you, Mr Pip, till i saw that you were quite unconscious of him, sitting behind you there, like a ghost."
                    • Chapter 57- taking items from his recent past and creating a nightmare.
                      • fancy- are these lucid dreams purging him, healing him or haunting him. The role of fancy- takes him away from reality- when he comes round there's Joe to save him.
                        • Joe saves Pip's soul- reminds him and pays his bills
                          • This nightmare has the function of recounting
                            • symbols in there of the past- has he is coming from the fever- realises
                              • Fully formed Pip-appropiate- Joe is described as an angel
                                • Joe being an angel
                                  • Estella- misleading Pip in contrast with the star that guides Jesus.
                                    • Magwitch first sees Pip in the graveyard by his parents graves- sin and guilt
                                      • sin and guilt: Pip undergoes brushes with death-perhaps has a spell in hell- punishment to teach him a lesson-
                                        • Ms Havisham fire- hell- fire
                                          • do we see penance- does he confess or undergo reconciliation
                                        • pg 462 "passed through these places of disease"
                                          • pg 463- "don't be so good to me"- reconciling
                                            • PG 463- "O God bless him!"







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