Families and Households Overview

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  • Families and Households
    • Demography
      • Decreasing family size
      • The ageing population
      • Courses and consequence of emigration and immigration
      • Courses and consequence of birth rates
      • Causes and conquence of falling death rates
    • Social Policies
      • How do policies effect different aspects of family life?
        • Family size
        • Family ethinicity
        • Children and Childhood
        • The family itself
        • Equality between men and women
      • Perspectives applied to different policies
      • Overview of the social policies
    • Childhood
      • Is childhood disappearing?
      • How and why has childhood changed?
      • Is childhood improving? March of Progress view or conflict perspectives
      • To what extent is childhood virually controlled?
    • Perspectives on the Nuclear Family, relationships and the life course
      • Functionalism
        • Effects of industry on the family
        • Murdock and Parsons
      • Marxism
        • Engels theory
        • Effects of capitalism on the family
      • Feminism
      • The new right
      • Postmodern
        • The effects of globalisation on the family
        • Hareven and Stacey
      • late modernism
        • The effects of risk and uncertainty on relationships
        • Giddens and Beck's perspective
    • Marriage, divorce and cohabitation
      • Reasons for changes in divorce
      • Reasons for changes in marriage
      • Perspectives on divorce, marriage and increasing cohabitation and divorce
    • Increasing family diversity  - the decline of the Nuclear Family?
      • Varieties in family life by ethnicity, social class and sexuality
      • Changing patterns of marriage, divorce and cohabitation
      • Perspectives on the Nuclear family
      • Perspectives on different family types
      • Postmodern
    • Changing gender roles - because of power and equality in relationships
      • Domestic labour - who does the housework?
      • Perspectives on changing gender roles
      • Equal power in relationships
        • Domestic Violence


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