"Explain Anselm's Ontological Argument" (25)

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  • "Explain Anselm's Ontological Argument' (25)
    • 1) Priori Proof for Existence of God
      • 1 - starts w/ premises tht don't depend on existence for justification
      • 2 - proceeds by purely logical means to conclusion
      • 3 - aim = refute the fool that...
        • Understands claim that God exists
        • Still doesn't believe God exists
    • 2) First Version of Argument
      • P1- Suppose GCB exists in mind & not reality
      • P2- Existence in reality = greater than existence in mind alone
      • P3- We can think of being tht exists in reality & mind
      • P4- So there's a being greater than GCB
      • P5- That's a contradiction - impossible
      • CONC: GCB must exist in reality & mind - this is God
    • 3) Second Version of Argument
      • INTRO: 2nd argument centres on idea necessary existence
      • P1- God = being nothing greater can be thought of
      • P2- Something that can't be thought of not existing = greater than something that can be thought of not existing
      • P3- So, it's impossible to think this being can't exist
      • P4- This being is what we call God
      • CONC: It's impossible to think God can't exist





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