effect of lifestyle choices on health and fitness

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  • effect of lifestyle choices on health and fitness
    • diet
      • over-consumption of carbohydrates and fats has led to high amounts of obesity and associated health disorders e.g. heart disease
    • exercise
      • essential for the maintenance of health and fitness
      • if we do not exercise regularly then we are likely to suffer from:
        • diminished aerobic fitness - won't be able to run for the bus without feeling out of breath
        • reduced flexibility
        • reduced strength
        • body composition will change
    • alcohol
      • men 3-4 units per day, women 2-3 units per day
      • liver damage
      • cancer - mouth, larynx, pharynx, liver, stomach etc.
      • heart disease and high blood pressure
      • problems with the digestive system
    • smoking
      • lung cancer (smoking causes 80% of all lung cancer deaths)
      • heart disease
      • strokes
      • leukaemia


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