DNA mindmap (small.)

a small mindmap of DNA and its functions. Does not cover much on structure.

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  • DNA
    • Dexoy ribose nucleic acid
    • DNA reproduction (mitosis)
      • DNA is split open by enzymes - DNA helicase
        • DNA ploymerase adds complementary bases to the single strand
          • Adenine makes two hydrogen bonds with Thymine; Cytosine makes three hydrogen bonds with Guanine
    • Protein Synthesis
      • DNA is split open by an enzyme
        • Messenger RNA is formed complementary to this single strand
          • (mRNA)
          • mRNA moves out of the nucleus into the cytoplasm where it joins with a ribosome
            • Ribosome contains tRNA which has anticodons and an amino acid
              • anticodons are complementary to the codons found in mRNA
              • The amino acid chain is formed and a protein is made
    • Double stranded molecule
      • Untitled
  • Dexoy ribose nucleic acid


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