OCR PE - Australian Cultural Background and BAHL

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  • How does the Cultural Background of Australia influences a BAHL?
    • Politically
      • The government has a close involvement with sports policy and funding
      • Sport has a vote-catching appeal, dislike any other country
    • Ideologically
      • Sport is a benchmark of success
      • Sport is an expression of national pride.
    • Geographically
      • The climate has a favorable impact on sport, as well as urbanisation
    • Socially
      • Sport expresses equality and reflects multi-culturalism
    • Commercialism
      • Advanced and sophisticated consumer society which has embraced commercial sport
    • Economic
      • Based on capitalist model, affluent and promotes sport as a marketable commodity
    • Tradition
      • Can be traced from early days of colonialism, legacy of Bush Culture expressed through sport


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