Cultural Variations in Attachment

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  • Cultural Variations in Attachment
    • Ijzendoorn & Kroonenberg (1988)
      • looked at the proportions of types of attachment across a range of countries
        • Also looked at differences within a country
      • 32 studies on the strange situation were meta analysed
        • 8 countries were used
      • Findings
        • in all countries secure attachment was the most common
          • ranged from 75%-50%
        • Insecure-resistant was the least common
          • ranged from 3%-30%
        • Insecure-avoidant was more common in Germany and least common in Japan
    • Simonella et al (2014)
      • see if proportions of types of attachment are the same
      • conducted the strange situation in Italy
      • found 50% were secure & 36% avoidant
        • -different from what it was
      • suggests this is because more mothers are working long hours and use professional healthcare
        • cultural changes affect proportions on types of attachment


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