Cultural variation

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  • Cultural Variations in attachment
    • Kroonenberg & Ijzendoorn - 32 ** from different countries with around 2000 kids results - Combined together in a meta-analysis. Found that most common attachment is Secure (75% Uk). Also Found that variations were greater in each country than across different countries.
      • Findings support Bowlby's theory that says attachment is universal since secure is so common. However they also show that cultures influence attachment (30% insecure resistant in Israel)
    • Evaluation - Large sample: This is an advantage because large samples increase internal validity since anomalous results have less of an impact. Remember there was nearly 2000 babys in the meta- analysis
      • Evaluation - Samples don't represent culture well: Claimed they were studying cultural variation but they used different countries as a comparison. It was found children in Tokyo had similar attachment distribution as western children. Therefore it is not very meaningful to compare countries, each country has sub cultures itself and some will be similar to other countries. Needs to be more specific


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