Strengths and Weaknesses of the Cosmological Argument

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  • Cosmological Argument
    • Strengths
      • Does not rely on prior knowledge or religious belief to make sense.
      • Inductive argument (the premises match the conclusion).
      • The Domino's Analogy gives accessibility to argument (easy to understand).
      • Has a logical thought process (argument makes perfect sense).
      • Occam's Razor (sometimes the simplest answer is the best).
      • The Big Bang could be evidence for the existence of God. God could have started the Big Bang.
      • Can explain Evolution (cause and effect).
    • Weaknesses
      • Argument begins with the idea that nothing can cause itself, but what about God?
      • If God does not need a cause, then why does the universe?
      • It is not the case that everything that has a beginning has a cause, some events happen for no reason.
      • An analogy is merely a comparison, not solid proof.
      • The Big Bang theory was the beginning of time, therefore there is no space or time for God to exist.
      • If there is an un-caused cause before the beginning of the universe, there is nothing to suggest that it is God who is the un-caused.
      • The universe does exist, we know it does we're in it. Why do we need to explain the existence of something we know exists? Surely it's existence is enough.


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