Cardiovascular system

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  • Cardiovascular system
    • Heart
      • Blood
      • Blood vessels
    • Responses
      • Increase in stroke volume
      • Increase in HR
      • Increase in cardiac output
      • Redistribution of blood flow to working muscles (vascularisation)
    • Adaptations
      • Cardiac hypertrophy
      • Increased number of capillaries
      • Increased SV
      • Increased CO
      • Improved blood flow to heart muscle
      • Increase in blood volume and blood cells
      • Decreased resting HR (bradycardia)
      • Decreased resting blood pressure
    • Heart
      • Left side- receives oxygenated blood
      • Right side- receives de oxygenated blood
      • Bigger the heart= more blood it can hold
      • Stronger the heart= more blood it can force
      • Increase in HR before exercise= preparation for activity. Anxiety. Emotion
      • SV x HR= CO
      • Heart- blood vessels- arteries- capillaries
        • More capillaries in muscle= More blood, nutrients and O2
        • Vasoconstriction and vasodilation of blood vessels= controls blood flow/ vascular shunt


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