Cardiac output, stroke volume, heart rate

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  • Cardiac output, stroke volume, heart rate
    • Heart rate (HR)
      • the number of times the heart ventricles beat in one minute
      • average = 70-72 bpm
      • maximum = 220-age
      • low resting heart rate indicates high levels of fitness
        • bradycardia - resting HR below 60bpm
    • Stroke volume
      • the volume of blood ejected each time a ventricle contracts
      • the difference in the volume of blood in the ventricle before and after contraction
    • Cardiac output
      • the volume of blood ejected by the heart ventricles in one minute
      • generally measured from left ventricle (avg. 5 litres per minute)
      • cardiac output = stroke volume x resting HR
    • Starling's law of the heart
      • the greater the venous return, the greater the strength of contraction
    • effects of exercise on the heart?
      • HR increases
      • stroke volume increases
      • cardiac output increases - because of starling's law
      • because cardiac output = SV x HR


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