Australian Sport

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  • Australia's cultural Background and how it has an influence on the pursuit of physical activity
    • Political
      • Government has a close involvement in sports policy and funding.
      • Sport has a huge vote catching potential
    • Ideological
      • Sport is the benchmark against in which the progress of the nation can be measured
      • Sport is an expression of national pride
      • Global and Olympic achievement is desired
    • Geographical
      • Climate has a favorable impact on sport
      • Urbanization has had a positive impact on sport
    • Social
      • Australia has an egalitarian society formed from the social melting pot of colonialism
      • Sport expresses equality and reflect multiculturalism
    • Economic
      • Australia's economic system is based on a capitalist model
      • The country is affluent and material reward has high status in society.
      • Sport is promoted as a commodity
    • Commercialism
      • Australia has an advanced  and sophisticated consumer society that has embraced commercial sport
    • Tradition
      • Currency VS Sterling in the early days of colonialism
      • The legacy of Bush Culture is expressed through sport


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