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  • Asthma
    • Symptoms
      • a reversible narrowing of the airway
      • hyper-irritability, coughing, wheezing, breathlessness, or mucus production
      • occurs in response to a trigger or allergen
    • Measurement
      • inhaling into a spirometer and measuring the exhaled volume of air.
      • if an individuals expiratory volumes improve after inhaling bronchodilator treatments, they have asthma
    • Triggers
      • drying of the respiratory airways, due to water loss. Causing an inflammatory response, therefore constricting airway
      • Broncho-constriction is brought on after exercise. The link between exercise and asthma is 'EXERCISE INDUCED ASTHMA'
      • Other common allergies are: exhaust fumes, air pollutants, dust, hair and pollens.
      • EIA is  high in cold weather as it is dryer than warm weather. Also chlorine and trigger swimming related asthma
    • Treatments
      • Medical
        • inhaled medication, which are a reliever. Relaxes muscles around the airway.
          • normally taken before exercise or in response to symptoms
        • Corticosteroids are a 'preventer' medication which improve pre exercise lung function.
      • Non- Medical
        • A warm-up, at least 10-30 minutes at 50/60%, provides a refactory period of up to 2 hours for exercise to occur
        • Dietary modification of reducing salt, and increasing fish oils and vitamins.
    • Inspiratory Muscle Training
      • The Relationship between strength or the inspiratory muscles and respiratory effort.
      • IMT doesn't cure asthma but increases airflow and alleviates breathlessness
      • this is a big factor for elite athletes as the IOC may not approve of pharmaceutical approaches


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