amateurism and professionalism

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  • amateur definition
    • a person who plays sport for the love of it and receives no financial gain
    • Amateurism and Profesionalism
      • amateur values
        • appreciate value of health and fitness
        • appriciaate value of regulated activity
        • high moral integrity
      • amateur characteristic
        • being a respected member of society with a public school background
        • high sport status
        • belonging to social elite
        • character building
      • positive impact of amateurism
        • held a high status that professionali-sm
        • code of ameaturisum was based on playing set rules
        • code of ethics
        • belonging to the social elite
        • participation more important than wining
        • the 'all rounder' was viewed with a high regard
        • were 'elite' performers
        • new middle class admired cultural values of them
      • profsionalismdefiniton
        • a  person who plays sport for a financial gain
        • usually the working class
      • profesionalim values and characteristic
        • working class
        • poor
        • very little free time
          • due to long working hours
        • commuted to train and perform as well as possible
        • trained
        • low morality
        • paid by results
      • positive impacts of      profesionalm
        • broken time payments
        • improved standards
        • aided social mobility
        • determinati- to succeed
      • modern day amateur
        • lost status and power
        • equal opportunity
        • now lower statue
        • not all sport professionals
        • open to all
        • positives
          • fair play
          • viewed positively
      • morden day professional
        • any class
        • respected for talents
        • more time to train
        • more media coverage
        • increased financial reward
    • usually a member of the upper class


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